There are for major transitions in a childs educational career:
  • Pre-school to Elementary
  • Elementary to Middle School
  • Middle School to High School
  • High School to Secondary Education

Of these, transition from High School to Secondary Education is the most important, This gives your child the skills be be successful outside of the IEP process and prepares them for their future.

This last transition is so vital to your childs success as an adult that ideally the process should begin in 8th grade, although it is not mandated until age 16. 

About Kids Advocacy provides parents with the support to:

  • Provide a "credit check" of the childs high school transcripts to ensure your child is on the path to their desired future, 
  • Ensure the transcripts do not make reference to special education or related services
  • Prepare the student for the P-SAT and SAT by ensuring the correct documentation has been submitted to the college board
  • Accommodations to the college board can be used for your childs lifetime
  • Ensure your child is on a "graduation track."
  • Once secondary education begins, ensure the child meets and connects with the disability office for a educational plan that reflects the collage board accommodations.  

This is an extremely inexpensive service to ensure your child remains on the right track for secondary education!